AMG now has 2 new BF Portal servers!

All maps, 3d spotting, aim assist disabled, map default classes/weapons/vehicles, PVP AI enabled. Rules on & report players on . One server has 128 slots and one server has 64 slots.

About AMG

We continue our mission to provide a home for PC gamers from around the world who want a mature, friendly environment to enjoy their games and make new friends along the way.

AMG members play a wide variety of games; action/adventure games like Sea of Thieves, Halo, COD, Minecraft, Mudrunner, etc... We do have a shared passion for first person shooter games like Halo, COD and CSGO but especially the Battlefield franchise ( BF1, BFV, BF2042 ). The servers we manage have quickly gained a reputation for fair play and a friendly environment, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of more than 30 server admins.

Join AMG

Although we speak English as our primary language we welcome gamers of any nationality. We really don't care how good you are or what your K/D is, all we want is for our members to enjoy gaming. If you are interested in joining, are at least 16 years of age with a mature attitude and have Discord, please register on our forum and then submit your application by starting a thread here. Battlefield 4/5/1 players also have to join our platoon in-game.

AMG Game-Servers

[AMG]AllianceMultiGaming#1 All Maps ( Vanilla + DLC )


[AMG]AllianceMultiGaming#2 Vanilla Maps


[AMG]AllianceMultiGaming#3 2042 Maps 

BF Portal

All BF2042 maps, 3d spotting, aim assist disabled, map default classes/weapons/vehicles, PVP AI enabled.
128 Players can join. Server status can only be consulted in the in-game serverbrowser. ( Portal Menu )
Server can be joined by PC, Xbox Series and PS5 players. 

[AMG]AllianceMultiGaming#4 All Maps 

BF Portal

All BF2042 + Portal maps, 3d spotting, aim assist disabled, map default classes/weapons/vehicles, PVP AI enabled.
64 Players can join. Server status can only be consulted in the in-game serverbrowser. ( Portal Menu )
Server can be joined by PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 players. Recommended for "older" gaming PC's.

[AMG]AllianceMultiGaming#5 The Forest

The Forest

Our server rules & guidelines

Our mission:
We have only one goal and that is to provide the best gameplay experience in Europe. We strive to provide a fun, fair, cheat free and friendly environment for gamers of all ages. The rules below apply to our AMG servers and by playing on our servers, you agree to abide by all of the rules set out below.

Warning: VIP's risk loosing their VIP slot after multiple rule violations since they are able to kick out other players when they rejoin.

Guidelines for AMG clan-members:
Try to set the example for other community players by following the rules at all times and try to balance games by swapping to the loosing team if a game ends with more than 500 tickets difference or when the opposing team is playing with less players than your own team.


Keep the game play fair and fun for everyone.

No cheating, hacking, glitching or scripts etc. Any players caught hacking or cheating will be immediately banned from all of our servers. We encourage players to spectate the suspected player before making any accusations. 
Report someone you suspect of cheating here or post a message on our discord. Avoid warning them with in-game chat.


Be respectful of other players and admins.

Regardless of your age, we ask that you try and be mature and set a good example for gamers on our servers. Targeted abuse towards another player will not be tolerated and may result in you being kicked from the server. Challenging AMG and its admins can also result in you being kicked from the server. Admins and AMG members need to set the example. Report admin/member abuse here.


English only in main or team chat & no abusive language allowed.

The use of all languages is ok in Squad chat. In order for us to run a fun, friendly server we need to understand quickly what is being said in chat. This includes being able to spot toxic comments and abuse of other players. Squad chat among friends can be in any language but please keep in mind the rules above. No racist or homophobic comments and no comments that mention any disease or illness at all. This includes, but is not limited to, cancer, AIDS or autism. Any player seen using language like this will be immediately kicked from our server without a warning!


No shooting into or out of the red zone 

If the enemy team is pushed back to their deployment, please allow them out of the red zone before engaging in combat. Withdraw to the nearest objective and defend the position. If your team has lost all of the objectives, try to co-ordinate an assault on the nearest flag or find a flanking route past. Do not sit in the red zone sniping or firing mortars and artillery at the enemy team. 


No Team stacking 

Clans can play as a squad, but players from a clan should distribute themselves across Teams if possible rather than having more than one squad on the same Team. We appreciate that you like to play together with your friends but please remember that we have to consider the experience of every player on our server. If needed, admins can and will move players from the same clan to the other team if the teams become unbalanced.


No high-/unstable latency gamers.

If your ping is either consistently very high (250+ ms) or shoots above this threshold regularly we may kick you to make room for players with a better network connection. 


No win-switching

Even though we understand it's very frustrating to play in a team that doesn't work together, doesn't PTFO and doesn't use vehicles to push, we feel that switching to the winning team in a losing match, is not the right solution. We already have many AMG- and community-members that join the losing team when they join the server or swap to the losing team when they feel the game is unbalanced. If players start team-switching to the winning team, that's very disrespectful towards the players that do their best to balance, and also towards the other players in your team that do their best to win.

If you get caught team-switching you can get swapped back by one of the admins. A second violation against this rule results in a kick from the server. If there is a difference between the teams of 150 tickets or more, or when all but one objective is captured, an admin can consider your swap as a switch for a win and that grants them the right to swap and/or kick you. Inform the admins of your reason to avoid this. If you join the server and switch to the other team to play with a friend within the first minutes of your session, we will not consider it as "win switching". The rule only exists to improve balance on our servers, no to avoid team-play.


Don't grief

Don't destroy or vandalize other players creations without permission in sandbox games like Minecraft and The Forest, collude with opponents, give false information, fake extreme incompetence with the intent of hurting teammates or failing an in-game objective, deliberately blocking shots from a player's own team, or blocking a player's view by standing in front of them so they cannot damage the enemy, trapping players in inescapable locations by using physics props, special abilities, or teleportation or impersonate an admin or other players through a similar screen name. Don't remain idle and actually play when you join or stay on the server. ( slots are limited )

BF1 Server VIP  ( 6 + 1 free Promo* )

VIP guarantees that you can skip the waiting queue to join the server! Becoming VIP also ensures that you won't get kicked from the server to make room for an admin or another VIP member.

Server 1 : Conquest All Maps ( €3/month )
Server 2 : Conquest Vanilla maps only ( €3/month )
Server 3 : The Forest ( AMG member = free private acces )

We prefer donations on our regular bankaccount to avoid paypal transaction- and conversion fees. Please note that it can take up to two business days before we receive the money this way.

IBAN: FR7616798000010000250979085

When you donate, mention "VIP + Playername + Server ( 1 and/or 2 )".

*Promotion Conquest: 7 months VIP => €18* €21

You can earn free VIP by helping us start our servers on a daily basis. Join our discord, read the #seeding channel and see how you can help start our servers in the morning. Feel free to contact one of the leaders in case your daily seeding efforts go unnoticed by the clanleaders.

Join our Discord server!

Whether you're capping flags with a squad in Battlefield, part of a team in Halo Reach, Racing with friends in GRID or playing Age Of Empires, Discord is the place to go for the best teamwork in games!

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice communication app for gamers like you. No special requirements are needed, you just need to download the Discord app, (or Click on "Discord" in the panel on the left), and then join the Alliance Multi Gaming channel.

Need help?

If you are unsure how Discord works, or you need help getting set up, just head over to our forum and a member will be more than happy to help you out. 

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